Public Affairs

Over the last century, Junior Leagues have played an active role in educating the public on the pressing issues of the day and advocating for change, legislative or otherwise, on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

Public Affairs Committees (PACs) and State Public Affairs Committees (SPACs) are individual, apolitical committees of Junior Leagues within a state that form to educate and take action on public policy issues relevant to the Junior League mission.

The Junior League of Rochester (JLR) participates in the New York State Public Affairs Committee (NYSPAC), a non bi-partisan education, building awareness, and advocacy representing 17 Junior Leagues and over 7,500 women. JLR’s Public Affairs Committee focus is Family Self Sufficiency. This includes legislation that affects women and families on issues on both a local and state level.


Our current focus as a League is The Homeless Children and Youth Act (HYCA), H.R. 2001. This bipartisan legislation would make it easier for local communities to help homeless children and youth, no matter where they happen to be staying. The Junior League of Rochester, along with Leagues across New York State are lobbying to enact this important legislation.

HUD’s eligibility restrictions unnecessarily tie the hands of communities, preventing them from even assessing children, youth, and families for homeless assistance. HYCA will help communities assess and serve the most vulnerable children, youth, and families. It will improve the efficiency of homeless assistance by streamlining the eligibility process, leveraging resources, and bringing greater visibility to these invisible populations. The bill will also allow communities to tailor assistance to the unique needs of each homeless population and to obtain a complete picture of homelessness, as it exists in the community.

Please click the link below to sign as a co-sponsor of H.R. 2001, and encourage additional support of this important legislation by posting the link on social media and forwarding to personnel and partners. Our league’s goal is to help over one million homeless children and youth be seen and served, and avoid continued homelessness as adults.

In addition, we will bring JLR’s vote for the 2019-2020 supported legislation to Fall Conference and thereafter support the selected topic in our activities at home until Fall 2020

For more information on NYSPAC, please visit their website: