Awards & Recognition

The Junior League of Rochester celebrates the success and achievements of its members by honoring them with the Recognition of Service Excellence awards. Known as R.O.S.E. awards, these are given annually to outstanding League members who exemplify the spirit of the League, and go above and beyond in their League efforts.

R.O.S.E. Award

This award is given annually to a member who has been active for more than three years. Presented to a member who best exemplifies the ideal Junior League volunteer.

Silver R.O.S.E. Award

This award is given to a Sustaining member who, in a particular year, deserves recognition for her tremendous work and contribution within the League.

R.O.S.E. Bud Award

This award is intended to support and encourage our newest members, this award is presented to an Active member who has been in the League two years or less. Awarded to a woman who has shown an exceptional commitment to the League and its activities.

R.O.S.E. Award

2019 – Kara Spoor
2018 – Amanda Greco
2017 – Sarah Heisman
2016 – Amanda Dreher
2015 – Mary Grace McAleavey
2014 – Antra Ziedins
2013 – Rose Feor
2012 – Amanda Dreher
2011 – Melinda Guereshi
2010 – Sarah Torrey

Silver R.O.S.E. Award

2019 – Elizabeth Alexander
2018 – Diane Machiavelli
2017 – Kathleen Ebeling
2016 – Elizabeth Alexander
2015 – Kacey Kiley
2014 – Lisa Cove
2013 – Sarah Torrey
2012 – Cindy Harper
2011 – Tracey Billiski
2010 – Kate Herrmann

R.O.S.E. Bud Award

2019 – Laura Lockhart
2018 – Anna Loiselle & Danielle Williams
2017 – Heather Russell
2016 – Leah Wolanski
2015 – Lisa Landrum-May
2014 – Ginger Northrup
2013 – Sarah Townsend
2012 – Dina Borik
2011 – Claudia Burke
2010 – Katie Fox

Junior League members are also the frequent recipients of awards and honors in the community, reflecting how JLR attracts and cultivates women leaders. League members have been recognized with accolades such as the Jefferson Award, 40 Under 40 recognition, and ATHENA Award honors. Recent winners include:


Amanda Dreher
Eileen Thrall
Elizabeth Alexander
Rose Cooper
Caroline Tolbert

Young ATHENA Nominee:

Rose Cooper
Caroline Tolbert
Jen Dunvient

ATHENA Nominee:

Pam Baker
Julie Marsiglio

ESL Jefferson Award:

Amanda Dreher